Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creating a blog when using your childs computer!

I find this absolutely hilarious! Well not really! My computer blew up, litterally everything on it is huge and i can't work on it! So While my office is sparkling clean and smells of roses, ( stamp cleaner)
I'm working on my office day in the living room! On my KIDS COMPUTER! I have moved dishes, bouncey balls, random gum wrappers and blew as many crumbs off the key board as I could (some just stuck)Yuck! I can't post any pictures because this computer is like 100 yrs old! But I wanted to get started! Correction: I went old school and figured it out! So here goes ladies!
My next class is going to be an Artsy Card Class! We will be making 6 cards plus envelopes. These cards are little works of Art and I'm sure you will have a hard time parting with them! These are great for learning new techniques, and just overall stamping scrumptiousness! I can't wait to get together and do what we do when we: stamp, eat, giggle, and make a paper fiasco!!!
SAVE THE Dates: (notice there are two dates!!!)
Monday Sept. 27th 11:30am-3:30pm or Tuesday Sept. 28th 10:00am-2:00pm.
More info to be emailed to you!

Well God Bless You, and Happy Stamping.
EEEEK, I think something crawled over my foot I'm so Out of here!