Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just stampin around!!

So I have spent 3 day's in my office coming out only for food, sleep and occasional hug and kiss from my family!!
I painted my room and hosted my life long friend for a couple of days!
And because of all the frolicking I've done I was kind of on the wire with my class.

Designing this class feels like cramming for a mid term or finals.... yet I think it's so much more fun!!

So it's finished I just got to cut and make the class gifts!

Here's some of the fun things I've come up with!
first lets start with my crazy project: Before

The problem with doing this was Ralph was out of town and so I did all the take down!

The best part of painting is the dusting!  Clean, clean , clean!!
Okay stamping!

and one more!

Lot's of fun!
Can't wait to see all my ladies on Monday!!
Have a great day, Love julie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little old a little new!

Ok so here's the old!
These are the cards we made at my last Birthday class:
I love the pretty buttons for FREE in the Sale-a-bration catty!


This card was cased from Julie Millard over at
my BFF and down line!

This one was mostly right out of the current Idea book and catalog!

This was the card we never made but they loved it!

Okay now for the new!!

This is a project that I made last night:

I really have been loving these books in my life!  They make my meal planning so easy.
The one I used before this had all the categories in it but I took out the main dishes and voila! 

And here's the picture of my old one:
I still use it for desserts I love desserts!  It's supposed to have salads, sauces and breakfast things  but it's mostly full of cupcake and cookie recipes!!  Yum!!
Here's a picture of the one I made for Julie for her big birthday!!
Completely Rogue materials but this is her style!

Okay lot's of pictures so get motivated to stamp something anything!

I hope to see you at my next class March 21st if you haven't signed up do so,
 love me!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here's one for the boys!

I always want you to have a card for every occasion so when making my class I realized that out men were not represented so here's one for the boys!!
So how did this card come together!  I will say pretty fast!  I used the direct to paper technique!  (basicaly scraping your ink pad over your cardstock to create a leather like look) Then I used my cripmper to get that map paper we carry to look crimped, stamped punched then aged and adhered the whole puppy together it'a a fast work of heart!
Love and blessings, Julie
Crimper pg: 198 in the Stampin up Catalog
Cuuter kit also known as ageing tools! pg: 199
Antique Brads pg: 187
map paper/ newsprint pg: 175
and awesome stamps engraved greetings pg: 182 also free with a sellabration order!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!
Love, Julie

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Forgot The Ice Cream!!

What kind of Birthday lady am I any way? Although it is true I did forget to serve the ice cream I don't think anyone noticed!  We had a great day yesterday!  The Birthday class was so fun!
Here's the gifts I made for each class attendee!

This was how I set up the dessert:

The Little cake was made entirely of Hershey Nuggets!
I used a 4" circle piece of florist foam. it was almost 2" thick and green.
I cut it in half then made a 1/2" smaller circle all the way around so the second one is 3".

then I cut DS paper 3" x 1" and wrapped the candy one bag 29 pieces.
Then I cut our largest circle scallopped die 2 X.  one was the right size the second I cut into 4's like pie cutting then I glued it on the corners and molded it into the size circle I needed the second piece

I used the circle siccors for the bottom and top pieces.
the bottom chocolate piece is 6" round the white piece is 5 1/2"
the top white piece is 3 1/2"
The very top is a piece of chocolate paper that I cut with herb siccors to give a grass look then spun it around my finger, I used the bone folder to pull it around like cruling a ribbon! Then glued it to it self. Then I stuck it in between the four nuggets on the top piece.  I made double sided stamped images from the Party Hearty stamp set. Put a tooth pick between them with a glue dot and stuck them in the sides right in the foam.  The top tooth pick decoration was stuck in by first using the paper piercing tool to create a nice hole.
I used Glue dot's old big ones I had on hand to adhere the nuggets to the foam.

 I will be posting all the cards we made this week!
 Happy Tuesday, Happy Stampin!!!
Love, Julie