Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just stampin around!!

So I have spent 3 day's in my office coming out only for food, sleep and occasional hug and kiss from my family!!
I painted my room and hosted my life long friend for a couple of days!
And because of all the frolicking I've done I was kind of on the wire with my class.

Designing this class feels like cramming for a mid term or finals.... yet I think it's so much more fun!!

So it's finished I just got to cut and make the class gifts!

Here's some of the fun things I've come up with!
first lets start with my crazy project: Before

The problem with doing this was Ralph was out of town and so I did all the take down!

The best part of painting is the dusting!  Clean, clean , clean!!
Okay stamping!

and one more!

Lot's of fun!
Can't wait to see all my ladies on Monday!!
Have a great day, Love julie

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