Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Class!

I love my classes they feed a need I have! The need to be with kind and thoughtful women, who all share a love of friendship, crafting, and food!  Yes but maybe not in that order! HeHe
So here are some pictures of our super fun day!
 When you want the image placed just right you have to do it like this!!
 My little Burberry bags for their treats!
Lunch: pesto baked turkey sandwiches and tomato zuppa!!
Dessert: Mini apple cake donuts and caramel butter cream for dipping!
Here are 2 of the cards we made from our CASE study!
 #1 modified right from the catalog!

#2 another catalog modification!
Happy Wednesday!!
Love, Julie

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh Neil!!!

On Wednesday we went to see Neil Diamond!

 #1 on my bucket list!
 I've been a huge fan since I was 13!  And trivia: (The Jazz Singer is my favorite movie!)
My amazing husband bought me VIP seats in Feb. All we knew was that they were in rows 2-10 and would find out when we picked up the tickets the night of the concert. Here we are ready to go!!

We Started the night at 5:30 pm with a VIP dinner in the Toyota Club!
 Well we ended up front and center row 4!!!  The perfect place!
Here we are we took it ourselves!! I love this Man!!
I call this my prize picture!!  look at the clarity!! So proud!!
Here's a picture of our goodies!!
Have a Happy Labor Day Monday!!