Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Art of Swapping!

Every time we ( Julie Millard and I)  go to convention it's always " we have to design our swaps"
So this year was no different except that we made a decision to sign up for organized swaps! The difference being we had a date and time to insure they were done and for us that meant a ridiculously late night Thursday! We had our Demo meeting then came back to the clean room and turned it upside down with some serious late night stampin!!
Here's the pictures!
 Before and after!  " I love maid service"!!!
I was on a lap desk until I noticed it was turning the back of my cards black!
My current location at 2:30 am
Can you believe it still took me 6 hours and I took all of these prepared pieces?
I even had this sweet thing helping before I left! I love my kids!!

 By 4:30 am I was done! Dragging and brain dead! But Voila! Here are my swaps for the fancy fold and the vintage categories!!!

I love Convention however I'm sure Friday at 8:00 am when I showed up for general session I'm sure I wasn't exactly Miss Peppy!!
Happy Tuesday!
Love, Julie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mojo Monday 252

Thinking of you.. Today's sketch!
I have always wanted to get up on a Monday, look at the sketch, make the card and post it however I tend to be flying out the door more often then not!  
Here's the link to the fun : http://mojomonday.blogspot.com/

Today is the exception, so I took a little time for the creative side of me! I had alot of fun enjoy!!
I went very simple so it would be easy to reproduce!
Here's my card!

Fun and festive!
I used our new stamp set "For the Birds"
For added bling I used the blender pens and the gold smooch spray to brush in on the heart and the birds wing!
Happy Monday, love Julie

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting ready for my next Class!!

 As it is long overdue!!!!
I want to let you all know that
I have set a date for my next class! Yes finally we get to come together and craft!
This will be a sweet and simple class consisting of 4 cards, a show and tell of Convention swaps, and also a retired stamp sale!
The date is Thursday Aug 9th at 10 am!!!

The moment my kids pack off to school I’m going to start setting up!
Cost for this welcome back class is only $20.00!
Includes Lunch/ Dessert and supplies* bring your own adhesive
This class will be the Bomb!!! (I know I'm so corny)
Haha just a funny way of interjecting a photo I took while walking back to our hotel from the convention!
I’m sooo looking forward to it!!!
Love and miss you, Julie

Friday, July 27, 2012

I AM... Convention 2012 energized!!

Well Where to start?  I had a blast with the almost 4000 women that went!  I did some fun organized swaps and also swapped with the main stream, ran into Becky Roberts and her BFF when I was with my BFF! (cool)
Went to classes and presentations saw my up line, my side line, my down line, and a lot of other lines!!
Basically what I am trying to say is that I'm a blessed woman!!!! So here's some picts.
 Yes!!! We drove 1,332 miles to be exact!  Julie Millard and I had the road trip to remember!!!
She worked on swaps the whole way, at least till it got dark!!!
The fun things you see on the drive!!!  The shipping plant in Kanab!
Yes in the flesh Becky and The BFF so I introduced mine! Seemed logical!
Here we are 2 Julies on a mission!! Don't we look cute? I love those Costco sweaters!!!
Then there's the main stage with Shelli and our theme I AM.... which was good until we realized for us it was: " I Am up in the AM every night!!", " I Am Pooped!!!", "I Am hungry!!"." I Am...needin an iced tea!!" Hehehe
We had so much fun at the Make-n-Takes! We laughed so hard it hurt! I'm sure the other women thought we had lost our minds! (we kinda had):)
Here's one of the lines I was talking about!  This was an organized swap! Impressive!
Now this needs no explaining!  But I cant help myself, he's the coolest male Demonstrator! 
From Syracuse NY, totally invested in this whole event!!
My fabulous Up line, also my Sister In Law Gloria! 15 years with Stampin' Up!
 and 23 years with me, oh how I love her!
Our whole group with the funny camera man!  Guess he was tired of being behind the scenes!
Our last night was spent at this amazing theater: https://tickets.halecentretheatre.org/Online/
The stage moved up, down and around!
On the way home I saw the"Hot Now" sign, and I knew I needed a "HOT NOW" NOW!!!!
This equals this:
I loves me some "HOT NOW!!!!"
Almost home! The drive was Breath taking!!
Monsoon outside of Flagstaff.

Well Convention is over and my time with Julie was truly amazing! 
Until next time! Yahoo Convention 2012!!  I am..... Blessed!
Looking forward to our next Class! info coming soon!!
Love, Julie

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's crazy in the summer!!

We are just getting home from our annual trek to the mountains!!
We love this time of renewal!!

However being gone for over 2 weeks makes you dumb as a rock!!!
I cant find anything, I forget to buy groceries, and cooking dinner really?
What I'm trying to say is that I've forgotten how I used to live!!  So the point it the vacation really worked!!!!  Yahoo!
Just in case you also had one of these experiances here's a couple of picts. so you remember me:
 Here I am in Ca. Hiking in freezing temps like 57* I needed my thermal underware!!!

The best place in the world!  My Donut store!!  Before the hike!!!
Here's a close up!!
We definately ate well!!
Not pictured me working feverish on my swaps for convention!!!

Probably cause I'm the one who is always taking the pictures!!
God bless you all!!  See you in July for a reveal of all my fun swaps, and a class to beat the band!!
Love you all, miss you all!