Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's crazy in the summer!!

We are just getting home from our annual trek to the mountains!!
We love this time of renewal!!

However being gone for over 2 weeks makes you dumb as a rock!!!
I cant find anything, I forget to buy groceries, and cooking dinner really?
What I'm trying to say is that I've forgotten how I used to live!!  So the point it the vacation really worked!!!!  Yahoo!
Just in case you also had one of these experiances here's a couple of picts. so you remember me:
 Here I am in Ca. Hiking in freezing temps like 57* I needed my thermal underware!!!

The best place in the world!  My Donut store!!  Before the hike!!!
Here's a close up!!
We definately ate well!!
Not pictured me working feverish on my swaps for convention!!!

Probably cause I'm the one who is always taking the pictures!!
God bless you all!!  See you in July for a reveal of all my fun swaps, and a class to beat the band!!
Love you all, miss you all!

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