Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day card!

I found this card on the Stampin" Up! web site and forgot who designed it oops!
She was so creative and gave perfect measurements!  (Thank you to unknown demo)

I knew I loved it right away!  It was perfect for my Dad!!
If he could he would live at the lake.
The funny part was me going to Bass Pro to buy flies for the card when I told the guy I was going to use them for a crafty purpose he just shook his head at me!!
I altered it a bit, mostly cause I didnt have what she did.
I didnt take a picture of the inside because I already wrote in it!

This next card I designed for my Father in law!!
He's a serious athlete so it was a perfect fit for him!!

Have a wonderful Fathers Day

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What have I been up too???

No good again!!

 I made all the desserts for a dinner party!

Here I am with all my goodies!
and now for the close ups!
Blueberry nectarine crisps with ginger whipped cream!
Cafe latte mocha cupcakes!
Lemon strawberry cheesecakes!
My only mistake not photographing the before and after picts of my kitchen! As I've heard before
 "just keepin it real"
What does this have to do with stampin????? Well if you have ever been to one of my classes you would know we take dessert very seriously!! I'm improving my other craft!!!
Keep creating see you soon, love me!!