Saturday, February 19, 2011

Praying for you!!

I've had a lot of unsettling news lately and I have felt powerless to do anything about it!!  So I make cards and I pray and sometimes I cry! 

I made this card for my mom who came down with shingles!  So she's in alot of pain and I'm here in AZ and She's in CA!  I wish I could help her.  I hope she is doing better!

I know God Has a plan it's the waiting that's hard!! 

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..."

Jeremiah 29:11

God Bless you all! Love Julie

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How long can I leave my house decorated??

That's the question I asked my husband last night he told me till the end of Feb.  I love that man!!!!
 I thought I should remove it today but I'll leave it up for awhile!!
So here's the card I made for My Husband yesterday:
All the words on the left of the card are from the love wheel I chopped up and mounted on foam!!! I also did the same thing to the music notes wheel I took it off the wheel and mounted it too, and made the background paper!!  Dude how cool huh???
So here's the inside of the card it turned out wonderful!
 I had to use a retired set for the words but it pays to keep some oldie but goodies around!!

I hope you had a great Valentines day!!

Oooh Yeahhh:

Remember to sign up for my next class.... Birthday Cards!!
We are gonna have a wonderful time!! 
Every year we have a Birthday party so get ready!!
Love you,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Rak's (Random Acts Of Kindness)

So I love Valentines I think You all know that about me!!!  So I wanted to share some of the love I've gotten in the mail or given to me!!
This is from my down line Heather Heroldt!  She did an amazing and wonderful job on all her projects for her Valentine class and packaged it all up and gave it to me as a gift, Yahoo!!
Thank you Heather!!
This is from one of my sweet friends who understands my crazy passion for Valentine's day!!  She did such a great job on capturing the vintage of Valentines!!! Thanks Lynne!!
This group of Cards / projects I received on Sat. from my down line and BFF: Julie Millard who lives in Washington State!  I love everything!!!  This was her Valentines Class! Thanks Julie!!
This is from my Mom, who is also my down line!  It's hard to see all the glitter on this card!  But it's so pretty!  Thanks Mom!!

These wonderful Valentines were from my sweet friend Laura!!
She makes these beautiful dolls for Christmas and I asked her if she would make me one for Valentines Day!!  And on Saturday night there she was... this beautiful doll and a pop up card too!!  I love them Thanks Laura!!

One more of the doll!!  Her little joints move too!!  What a good use of the glitter paper!! 

Be blessed and have a great Valentine's Day!!
Love & xoxox

Thursday, February 10, 2011

STOP!!! Keep the Rubber!!!

Here's a great idea for mounting your new clear rubber stamps!!!  Oh for the rubber I threw away!!!  So keep I repeat keep, the piece of rubber that your stamps come attached to.  Simply pull off the white paper and cling this to the back of your box Voila!!!  No more stamps running around on there own!  Well behaved and easy to locate!!



So here's a little Idea for a simple Valentines dinner Heart shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup!!

I use Trader Joes creamy tomato soup. We are  having this tomorrow for dinner!!

                                  AND ON VALENTINES DAY!!!

I found Heart shaped Pasta at World Market for dinner on Monday!!!
Chicken Alfredo (pound the chicken and cut it with Heart cookie cuter!)
Caesar salad w/heart shaped croutons easy to make with your cookie cutter!
Pink(food colored) sparkling apple cider!
For dessert: individual heart shaped brownies with their names right on them!!

  I know I'm crazy, but with out the crazy people how would you know you was sane!!

Love and Miss you!

 Valentines is so close hehehe!!
Love, XOXOXOXO Julie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stuff and more stuff!!

I have so many projects that I've wanted to share!
Here's one that I did for my friend, She needed some cards to give and I made these at Christmas so I neded them to be simple!!!
I love the Noteably Ornate stamp set by Stampin' Up!!
I was totally inspired by Kimberly Van Diepin!!

I made this card for my Zumba instructor because she is Awesome!!!
Totally Tess by: Stampin Up!! is a very creative stamp set!!
And this is a picture I found on line and I love it!!  Say's Julie to me when I grow up!!!
God Bless you and be creative today!!
Even if it means stamping on your sandwich bread before you eat it!!!
Love you, me

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Class that makes me giddy! Verb: Make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation!!!

I know that most of you know I'm heart crazy!!  But in this season I'm almost in need of medication!!  I figured  out last night why!!  I got married 11 days before Valentines and when I was looking for a theme for that joyous day, all the Valentienes stuff was out in full Glory!!  Well my wedding had a vintage romance theme with roses and angels and pink and red!!!  So every year I think it's the Valentines bug when really it was my "I DO" day!  I'm so blessed to have celebrated my 15th year of marriage with that man!  (22 yrs whole of loving eachother)

 We had such a wonderful Class and I enjoyed it so much I was sad it was over!!

Here are some pictures to remember the love that was shared!

Nicole and Cathy!  It was so sweet Cathy took Nicole under her wing
and was a Stampin Mother hen to her!

Lisa, who is totally unafraid of the Big Shot!!
And probably doing the Texturing for the
whole group no doubt, You go girl!!

Joyce, Kim, Laura and Lynne all
 Happy Stampers!

Then here's a fun gift I made everyone who came

An "I Love Stamps" key chain!

Here's a close up pict of both sides:

I love that Joyce made her heart pouch  different then mine it turned out wonderful!
It's so good to be creative!

Let's not forget the food, I'm sure some of you just come for lunch!!  Hehe

 Well there it is I had such a wonderful day and I'm glad you were there to be part of it!
God Bless your loving holiday and try to do something creative today!
Love, Julie
P.S. Our next Class is BIRTHDAY cards on Monday Feb 28th so save the date!!