Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How long can I leave my house decorated??

That's the question I asked my husband last night he told me till the end of Feb.  I love that man!!!!
 I thought I should remove it today but I'll leave it up for awhile!!
So here's the card I made for My Husband yesterday:
All the words on the left of the card are from the love wheel I chopped up and mounted on foam!!! I also did the same thing to the music notes wheel I took it off the wheel and mounted it too, and made the background paper!!  Dude how cool huh???
So here's the inside of the card it turned out wonderful!
 I had to use a retired set for the words but it pays to keep some oldie but goodies around!!

I hope you had a great Valentines day!!

Oooh Yeahhh:

Remember to sign up for my next class.... Birthday Cards!!
We are gonna have a wonderful time!! 
Every year we have a Birthday party so get ready!!
Love you,


  1. I wish you were closer so I could attend your classes...lol.