Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Class/ Last Chance!!

So here's the completed pictures of the last class I had!
First up: is the gift box I made for the ladies!  It's absolutely man focused!  No bows to untie or trying to unwrap it while not spoiling your art work... simply pull off the top!!
And even better the you tube video that inspired the whole thing!
(Dawn O you slay me)
I loved this and hope you do too!
Next are the 2 fathers day cards I created for the class!
We had fun with this masking the sails, and sponging around them to make it pop! I love it when we cut out things like the anchor here in this card and my women ask "is there a punch for that"
It cracks me up because Stampin Up! has so many great punches so they kinda expect it!!
Okay here's #2
I loved The Open Sea stamp set it's so versatile!!
And don't get me started on the Nautical Expedition DSP!!!  Man paper "keep it coming" do you hear me Stampin Up!!  Men hate Paisleys!!
Any way the final card was so beautiful I gushed when I saw it on
Mercedes blog! Check her out:
She is a wonderful stamper and I'm blessed I found her!
 For a little Julie glamor, I added the pearls, the ribbon, and an extra word!  

I had a rare evening class I never have my husband there so I said "hey honey take a couple of natural looking photo's"
Well some are and some arn't but I loved the process!
He was making me laugh so hard and taking pictures while I was talking to him... now one of him too!

Gosh after 20 yrs he still makes my knees go weak!
Back to important business weak knees and all!
The Last Chance list will be posting at Midnight tonight!
Here's the education:
(Stolen Directly from My Down line:
I freely admit to plagerism )
I like to refer to her as the better Julie!

Here is some important and helpful info regarding Last Chance
sales and the debut of the new 2011-2012 Catalog:
             The Last Chance items are in 2 categories; stamp sets and accessories. Accessories includes Stampin’ Wheels.
 The Last Chance stamp sets will be available all month. Stampin’ Up continues to manufacture them until the end of the month.
 Last Chance accessories (buttons, ribbon, Designer Series Paper, other doodads, etc.)
are available until sold out. Items will be pulled from the
online Customer Store as soon as they are sold out.
 The best way for you to purchase Last Chance items is to place your own online order through the above link. I can still place orders for you, of course, but some items may be gone before that happens. The items are NOT discounted ):
 You can see the lists after midnight tonight on my link above!
Now regarding the new catalog:
I will be ordering the catalogs tomorrow and they will arrive later in June. Stampin’ Up has requested that we not sell or show them until July 1. Some demonstrators will choose not to do this, but I will honor Stampin’ Up’s policy.  You may purchase your catalogs from me on July 1st. The cost to my regular customers is $6.  
If you prepay, I will have your catalog ready for you bright and early on July 1. It will be like waiting for Christmas (only hotter!!!!)
We will have a fine send off for the Last Chance items at our next class: I'm calling it "The Last chance Class" Original huh?
Monday, June 13 @ 10 a.m. and (maybe a 6 p.m. class too! If God and my husband are both willing)
Love you, Julie

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh how I long for MY computer to work!!

After trying to download my pictures again and still no result except an annoying "bong"!!! I drag myself into the area that should have caution tape around it!!! Here I am sitting at my child's computer, blowing food particles out of the keyboard before I begin, and realizing that I must keep my arms close to my sides for fear of knocking down a cup that could be growing something dangerous if airborne!  Don't they learn from my example? Can't they see me with a scrub brush in my hands when they close there eyes to sleep at night? 
(I pray that thing sticking to the side of my hand is chocolate!)
Okay back to fun and creativity!!

Here are some of the projects for my up coming class:
A Girls Graduation

A manly Graduation card:
Inside a cool gift card holder!

A beautiful bride card!!

Okay Ladies class is on Monday more to post on a different day!! I need to find my daughter and sing her the Mr. Clean song.... again!!
Love and Blessings, Julie

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm back!!!

So We have had quite the adventure!!

We left on Thursday April 21st to Ca. to visit all my family for Easter!
Got home Monday the 25th. Then put my eldest on a plane on the 26th back to College.
Put my middle one on a plane on the 27th to New York for a school choir trip!
Flew out myself on the 28th to Mexico with the hubby for 8 day's returned on the 5th of May, did 2 loads of laundry and packed us all for Las Vegas ( Ralph was speaking at Dental Town) on the 6th of May and returned on Mothers Day!! It's all a Blurrrrr
All I can say is Hallelujah I'm home!!!
I took Monday off to menu plan and restock my pantry and now, I'm hitting the ground running and looking forward to my next Stamping class!!!
There's a lot going on in the next few weeks: there's Graduation, Fathers Day, Weddings and always Birthdays so we are going to make 6 cards representing all of these fabulous days ahead!!!!
 So get ready it's the Last class of the school year! 
The date is Monday the 23rd, at 10:00am
Looking forward to seeing all my crafty ladies RSVP here:  julieujano@hotmail.com

 Here's some pictures of my escapades enjoy!!

Moriah Home for Easter!  Funny Girl!!
Ralph and I on our way to dinner in Mexico.

The Kids at New York New York
the whole statue was made out of Jelly Belly's

All of us standing in front of the Bellagio Hotel!

Well a fun time was had by all!! 
Now for the simple and the important things, like sleeping in you own bed and not
wearing any ,makeup for awhile!!
Happy Stamping love ya!