Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh how I long for MY computer to work!!

After trying to download my pictures again and still no result except an annoying "bong"!!! I drag myself into the area that should have caution tape around it!!! Here I am sitting at my child's computer, blowing food particles out of the keyboard before I begin, and realizing that I must keep my arms close to my sides for fear of knocking down a cup that could be growing something dangerous if airborne!  Don't they learn from my example? Can't they see me with a scrub brush in my hands when they close there eyes to sleep at night? 
(I pray that thing sticking to the side of my hand is chocolate!)
Okay back to fun and creativity!!

Here are some of the projects for my up coming class:
A Girls Graduation

A manly Graduation card:
Inside a cool gift card holder!

A beautiful bride card!!

Okay Ladies class is on Monday more to post on a different day!! I need to find my daughter and sing her the Mr. Clean song.... again!!
Love and Blessings, Julie

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