Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Rak's (Random Acts Of Kindness)

So I love Valentines I think You all know that about me!!!  So I wanted to share some of the love I've gotten in the mail or given to me!!
This is from my down line Heather Heroldt!  She did an amazing and wonderful job on all her projects for her Valentine class and packaged it all up and gave it to me as a gift, Yahoo!!
Thank you Heather!!
This is from one of my sweet friends who understands my crazy passion for Valentine's day!!  She did such a great job on capturing the vintage of Valentines!!! Thanks Lynne!!
This group of Cards / projects I received on Sat. from my down line and BFF: Julie Millard who lives in Washington State!  I love everything!!!  This was her Valentines Class! Thanks Julie!!
This is from my Mom, who is also my down line!  It's hard to see all the glitter on this card!  But it's so pretty!  Thanks Mom!!

These wonderful Valentines were from my sweet friend Laura!!
She makes these beautiful dolls for Christmas and I asked her if she would make me one for Valentines Day!!  And on Saturday night there she was... this beautiful doll and a pop up card too!!  I love them Thanks Laura!!

One more of the doll!!  Her little joints move too!!  What a good use of the glitter paper!! 

Be blessed and have a great Valentine's Day!!
Love & xoxox

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