Thursday, February 10, 2011

STOP!!! Keep the Rubber!!!

Here's a great idea for mounting your new clear rubber stamps!!!  Oh for the rubber I threw away!!!  So keep I repeat keep, the piece of rubber that your stamps come attached to.  Simply pull off the white paper and cling this to the back of your box Voila!!!  No more stamps running around on there own!  Well behaved and easy to locate!!



So here's a little Idea for a simple Valentines dinner Heart shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup!!

I use Trader Joes creamy tomato soup. We are  having this tomorrow for dinner!!

                                  AND ON VALENTINES DAY!!!

I found Heart shaped Pasta at World Market for dinner on Monday!!!
Chicken Alfredo (pound the chicken and cut it with Heart cookie cuter!)
Caesar salad w/heart shaped croutons easy to make with your cookie cutter!
Pink(food colored) sparkling apple cider!
For dessert: individual heart shaped brownies with their names right on them!!

  I know I'm crazy, but with out the crazy people how would you know you was sane!!

Love and Miss you!

 Valentines is so close hehehe!!
Love, XOXOXOXO Julie


  1. Well duh! What a great idea! Hea XX

  2. Brilliant idea for the clear mount stamps. Thanks for sharing...I'll be saving my rubber from now on!