Friday, July 27, 2012

I AM... Convention 2012 energized!!

Well Where to start?  I had a blast with the almost 4000 women that went!  I did some fun organized swaps and also swapped with the main stream, ran into Becky Roberts and her BFF when I was with my BFF! (cool)
Went to classes and presentations saw my up line, my side line, my down line, and a lot of other lines!!
Basically what I am trying to say is that I'm a blessed woman!!!! So here's some picts.
 Yes!!! We drove 1,332 miles to be exact!  Julie Millard and I had the road trip to remember!!!
She worked on swaps the whole way, at least till it got dark!!!
The fun things you see on the drive!!!  The shipping plant in Kanab!
Yes in the flesh Becky and The BFF so I introduced mine! Seemed logical!
Here we are 2 Julies on a mission!! Don't we look cute? I love those Costco sweaters!!!
Then there's the main stage with Shelli and our theme I AM.... which was good until we realized for us it was: " I Am up in the AM every night!!", " I Am Pooped!!!", "I Am hungry!!"." I Am...needin an iced tea!!" Hehehe
We had so much fun at the Make-n-Takes! We laughed so hard it hurt! I'm sure the other women thought we had lost our minds! (we kinda had):)
Here's one of the lines I was talking about!  This was an organized swap! Impressive!
Now this needs no explaining!  But I cant help myself, he's the coolest male Demonstrator! 
From Syracuse NY, totally invested in this whole event!!
My fabulous Up line, also my Sister In Law Gloria! 15 years with Stampin' Up!
 and 23 years with me, oh how I love her!
Our whole group with the funny camera man!  Guess he was tired of being behind the scenes!
Our last night was spent at this amazing theater:
The stage moved up, down and around!
On the way home I saw the"Hot Now" sign, and I knew I needed a "HOT NOW" NOW!!!!
This equals this:
I loves me some "HOT NOW!!!!"
Almost home! The drive was Breath taking!!
Monsoon outside of Flagstaff.

Well Convention is over and my time with Julie was truly amazing! 
Until next time! Yahoo Convention 2012!!  I am..... Blessed!
Looking forward to our next Class! info coming soon!!
Love, Julie

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