Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Forgot The Ice Cream!!

What kind of Birthday lady am I any way? Although it is true I did forget to serve the ice cream I don't think anyone noticed!  We had a great day yesterday!  The Birthday class was so fun!
Here's the gifts I made for each class attendee!

This was how I set up the dessert:

The Little cake was made entirely of Hershey Nuggets!
I used a 4" circle piece of florist foam. it was almost 2" thick and green.
I cut it in half then made a 1/2" smaller circle all the way around so the second one is 3".

then I cut DS paper 3" x 1" and wrapped the candy one bag 29 pieces.
Then I cut our largest circle scallopped die 2 X.  one was the right size the second I cut into 4's like pie cutting then I glued it on the corners and molded it into the size circle I needed the second piece

I used the circle siccors for the bottom and top pieces.
the bottom chocolate piece is 6" round the white piece is 5 1/2"
the top white piece is 3 1/2"
The very top is a piece of chocolate paper that I cut with herb siccors to give a grass look then spun it around my finger, I used the bone folder to pull it around like cruling a ribbon! Then glued it to it self. Then I stuck it in between the four nuggets on the top piece.  I made double sided stamped images from the Party Hearty stamp set. Put a tooth pick between them with a glue dot and stuck them in the sides right in the foam.  The top tooth pick decoration was stuck in by first using the paper piercing tool to create a nice hole.
I used Glue dot's old big ones I had on hand to adhere the nuggets to the foam.

 I will be posting all the cards we made this week!
 Happy Tuesday, Happy Stampin!!!
Love, Julie

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  1. WHAT?!?!? We could have had ice cream, too??? Hee hee, just as well! Love ya, stampin' babe! Hea XX