Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finalizing my fall class!

I never posted my last card.  So here it is!

This is my original art work.
 Stamped images are (c) Stampin Up!

Also I so enjoyed making this Bat for you!  (There were two original artist # one Jennifer Turroff she  designed the body. Person # two Catherine Harwood used the owl for the body then Julie (me) did her usual and glittered it and tagged it!  You can see her's here.  http://321stamp.typepad.com/  she links to the how to video with Jennifer.

The Bat

 Enjoy the next few picts:

Can you believe the pool is still warm enough for this?

Wow how pretty!

God Bless you and looking forward to Posting the Christmas Cards I've been working on today in my office!
Have a wonderful day! 
Love, me

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