Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I do Believe there's Fall in the air!

The day's have been amazing at my house so much stamping and it's been awesome!

Here's the latest project!!
How fun is the Gently Falling Stamp Set!

I had fun designing this! I love how it turned out!  It looks pretty sitting in my fall inspired house!!!

We also had time for a little Boo banner!
Lovin the Warmest Wishes Stamp set!

I was also able to bless one of the most amazing ladies with a mini Birthday cake!!
Albeit a bit late I think she felt my love!!

Up coming Events!
Working on Monday's class and finding all my creative excitement bubbling up!!
Were going to be making 10 cards! 
The goal to put some cards in those boxes we made two Monday's ago!
I'm also planning all the Christmas festivities for November!!
Check back here for the details!
Happy Stamping!
 Love ya, Julie

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  1. This was such an awesome project! I love mine - you always remind me to add just that extra little bit - makes it perfect! Love you! Hea XX