Monday, April 9, 2012

I've been up to no good!

My biggest girl came home from college and I have been playing and not working and eating!
Here's what I call a picture story!
It all started off with me picking her up at midnight with these in the car for her, she saw them on some web site did the pouty face and I crumbled (Strawberry lemon aid cupcakes).

Then we hiked for ever like 3.5 hours! We talked, tried to eat lunch but got chased by bugs, and I do believe I got sunburned!!! oops!!
Then we went to Costco and it was " Hey Mommy don't I need this" I said no!! But took a bunch of pictures!!
Then we biked 26 miles to the fountain it was awesome!

FYI I'm too old for road rash!!! The giant butt bruise not pictured!! (you can thank me later) hahahe

Okay I'm just going to say that stopping here mid way for lunch probably the most stupid thing I ever did!  Great food but climbing Shea after...... STUPID!!!
Loved this week with my Girl!

Stamping News:
 getting ready for my Mom's/ Birthday Class on April 23rd-26th save the date it's gonna be awesome!!
Love, Julie

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