Monday, August 20, 2012

Convention Fav's!

My August Class is going to be a CASE study! 
What that means is Copying And Selectively Editing!

 Well that's what I call Casing! However I think its really "Copying and Sharing Everything".

 I never well hardly ever, just steal straight up! I would have to be totally in love to do that!

So here's my first sample of my favorites!
 This card I did love straight up, but I didn't have all of the stamps she used!  
So necessity being the mother of invention I wowed myself with this!!

It had no name on it but I figured out it was Cathy Casey! (I called Julie and asked!) She was so nice! I went to swap with Kimberly Van Diepen and she was out of swaps so her friend offered to give me one of her cards!
Tis the nature of a kind and loving Demo! Thanks Cathy!!

Don't forget to sign up for my class, Your going to make some really beautiful cards!! 
Love, Julie

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