Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simple Christmas

Our Last class was a simple Christmas card class.
 Lots of fun was had by all!  We made cards that could be easily duplicated and mass produced for the giving!
We always have such a great time laughing and sharing life!!
Here are some of the memories!!
                                                                   The Party Favor

                                                         Lynne Stole my Camera!!

Pot Pie in canning jars!!

little mouse cake shots!
The Party Girls!!!

Here are the cards we made!
                                           Cased and altered from? I wish I could remember!
                                              Cased and altered from Kimberly Van Diepen!!
                                                           From Occasions Catalog
                                             Cased and altered from Kimberly Van Diepen!!
                                                          Made at Janet Bakers convention class!

Next class is coming Fall look for pictures here!
Save the dates!!
October 22: Fall
November 5th: Christmas gift cards
Dec 3rd: 3d Christmas
Love Julie!!

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