Sunday, January 13, 2013

I love This Candy Box and Ball of Madness!

I have been twirling roses out of crape paper for 4 days and hours of doing this make you a certified expert! I have now thought of a doable craft project to demonstrate this skill!!
This will be added to our class on the 28th!

My Original project was a great idea (PINTEREST) but 5 hours in, I realized that this project would have gotten me murdered by my very kind and crafty women!!! This is a craft for jammies, snacks, and a great boxed set of movies!!!
The start of the madness!
 The first 3 hours!!
 This is where I was when I realized this was a no for class!
The fist of many sets of 12! I love our silicone mat!!!!

 Finished and glad!
Then my daughter says you need two more!
Ha! I said "NEVER, this is an only child"!!!

Different camera lighting let me know which picture you prefer!!
Love you, Me

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