Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Stampin Space!

Once a year I look around my space and realize that it has gotten a bit out of control!
I hate clutter, yet I can acquire piles of "I'll do this later" that turns into "never done!"
I spent Labor Day weekend going through old convention swaps and drawers. I feel lighter and more organized!!
Here are the pictures:


                            Too much time spent here!! The Computer a time toilet!!!

                                        Where I cut paper and prep for classes (counter height)

Also known as the "candy shop" I keep all my buttons, ribbons, etc. here

My punch /inspiration wall leading to my annex

The annex where I keep all my "For Sale" items
                                                             My "For Sale"Card tower!!
                                         I hope you like the tour!  I love seeing stamping spaces!!
                                                                           Love, Julie

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