Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Office Befores and Afters!

As you can see this was the game room, it just had a pool table in it!!

I painted it a light shade of yellow for brightness, took down the drapes,
 patched all the holes and got to work!!
Nothing here:
Built and installed an Ikea Kitchen system to create a counter high work station 
with 17 full pull out drawers for great storage!
I found vintage cup pulls at the Habitat for Humanity resale store!
Upper cabinets are doorless for easy access and display. 

Just a plain wall and wait for the wet bar area...
 I painted my kids Armoire Moss green to house (hide) my computer.
I also painted my stamp display  black 
and put my favorite word stamps on it!
Here's the before...
remember I was going for a clean light and bright look 
so if you love oak in its varnished state don't look!

Here is is painted to match the Ikea cabinetry!

Well there it is!! as soon as I can I will videotape the tour inside the drawers!
Let me know when your in Texas and we shall have a class!!
I'm starting soon!!
Miss and love ya'll!

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