Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh It's A Wonderful Life!!

Ralph had a cabinet retreat in Palm Dessert.  That means I had to take a trip in DECEMBER!!! I kicked and screamed because I have so much to do, I  always have so much to to.  So I huffed and puffed then I finally caved in!  I packed my bags (I also Packed all my Christmas card making supplies)  and loaded the car HUMPHHHH.

But then I got there and WOW!! 

We arrive and the sign reads "Welcome to Bedford Falls"!
What the heck???
We find out that it's the town of "It's a wonderful life and Frank Capra actually wrote the book at The La Quinta, and that's where we were staying!  Here's a photo montage of our trip!!
It was almost 80* every day!

This tree was so amazing!

Swam and Jacuzzied heated pools are dreamy!

While my husband worked I took a 8 mile bike ride around the Santa Rosa Mtns!
OK so my Bad attitude did a 180, an absolute turn around, and I was able to make 40 Christmas cards too! 
Truth is I needed some time before the Christmas schedule begins here!
I was so blessed!!  Although my husband gave me a hard time, every time I said "wow, that's so cool" he would say "but you aren't supposed to be here"!!  Funny man that one!!

Enjoy your day where ever you are because God is good all the time!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Love, me

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  1. How cool that you stayed in Bedford Falls!!! Glad you had a great time.