Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love Valentine's day!!!

So as soon as I could I packed up all things Christmas (don't get me wrong I love Christmas too) but Hearts are different...
 I LOOOOVE them! So I cleaned the house and Decorated the whole thing for Valentines Day!! because... I well I fell better stamping when the house is clean and all covered in hearts!   Then I made this card!! 

I love the way it turned out!  It reminds me of being a little girl.   My aunt and I would make Valentines using old cards, newspapers and doilies.  We would glue everything together cut it out,  add ridiculous amounts of glitter and write
"Happy Valentines Day" on them and leave them around the farm for  people to find!!! Oh it's no wonder I love Valentines day!! And  I Heart Hearts!!

Sad that pictures don't do her justice this card makes you wanna pinch her cheeks!!!

Happy Stamping! Oh yeah  everything on this card is located in that fabulous book of Stampin' up! Called the Catalog!! hehe.

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