Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle!!

We are so silly together!!

You have no idea!!! (Well now you have some idea!!) 
Julie and Julie together is a non sleep fest of creativity, cookies, and more then just a few giggles!
It was her 50th Birthday and I flew in Sunday to suprise here at her party.. after countless lies, and sooo many reasons why I could not come for her Birthday!! 
And there I was!! 
We celebrated her life, junked and stamped, ate, cooked, baked and gave up sleep!

But fun was had lot's and lot's of fun!!
I'm home and glad to be with my family and warm but I always miss my friend....

Here's the pouch that was thought up in the very creative environment of my stamp chick!!

Here we are in the night stamping and Blogging:
and one more of the view in Seattle:

As always have fun, love on each other and Happy Stamping!!!
Love, me

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