Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Essentials of a woman's purse!

The things I need in my purse at all times!
Well that's what this class is all about!!
I always need a pad to write on, a pen that I like, a card holder for those cards you carry and collect, my check book is well... its necessary and mints for saving the lives of people you love after you've had Mexican food!
So there it is in a nutshell and what kind of self respecting crafter wants the check book cover that come with the standard pony or the kittens on them?
So lets get together and have a personalized crafting day!!! I can't wait!!
This coming Monday is the day!!! So e-mail me your colors and I'll come up with your personal design!
Here's the one that's all me:

now for the inside
I can't wait to have you over for another crafting day and lunch!
Happy Stamping!
Love, Julie

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