Wednesday, August 3, 2011

While most people are sleeping!

So I woke up at 2:30 am last night and decided to make the curtain panels I bought at Ikea into a handy dandy table skirt!  Yup by 3;00 am I was watching a You Tube video on pleats, because I have never made one ever!  After realizing the pain I was in for I took it like a spoonful of cod liver oil and maned up! (who am I kidding how many men are up at all hours of the night sewing!) So after 5 measly hours they are done and up!
And I feel like I birthed curtains!
By the way adhesive Velcro is the best stuff ever invented ever!!!
I love not seeing all the junk under there!

Here's some other things I've been working on!

First, organization still happening! I took all the clear bags and boxes that have been a part of my stamping life for 15 years and made sense of it all no more hunting in the drawer for 10 min looking for something I knew I bought!
And cooking, this summer has been about trying new stuff and here's my new favorite salad:

Here's the location for this easy amazing salad:
Last but best was this recipe that changed my life!
Okay here's the story real quick. My husband loves pizza and I have for years tried to master the art of the perfect pizza!  Well he flipped!!  For 15 years he's said good things about my cooking but he absolutely lost his mind over my pizza, it was my finest cooking hour!
I topped mine with spicy Italian sausage, onions and olives!
I hope you have a blessed day, love and craftiness to you!!

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