Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yahoo I did it! By the grace of God!!!

Did you see my last post?
Did I really post that disaster for the world to see?

What a slob!!  A crafting hoarder, a stuffer,
I think I had a case of clutter blindness!!
OK, I am out of excuses so I will just say "I'm healed"!
I wanted a pretty, organized, space of craft ability, so I put my head to the grindstone! I gathered up all those hours of HGTV swimming around in the dark and dusty place of my brain and turned this frown upside down!!
So without further delay ( because adieu is just weird)*

Before: (Sickness still present)

  During: (Healing taking shape)
A brief moment of panic:

Who did this to me???
I blame the meds!

They say it gets worse before it gets better!

Now for the healing moment the doctors are so proud of:

Can you hear the angels singing?

I feel free, redeemed, restored !

Those dust bunny's are bagged and tagged!
(I still hear the choir of angels)
So now that I went through all of my retired stamp sets its time to have: a big blow out sale
I'm practically going to give these goodies away!

When: Monday Aug 8th 9:am to 11:am ( Back to school day)
Open house/new catalog pick up only $6 for the new one!
Treats, give aways and a drawing too!

Save the date Monday Aug 15th & Thursday Aug 18th
Stampin class will be back in session stay tuned for photos soon!
Love and Blessings Julie!

Apr 23, 2011 ... Re: Without further adieu. The clichéd expression is without further ado : without any further fuss or delay ado : pronounced as uhDO ...

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