Thursday, July 28, 2011

Psycho Cleaning Lady!!

Yeah it's me!! 
I started one morning like I do every morning thinking about the day ahead from the coziness of my bed (prolonging the inevitable, I hate getting up)!  I thought "man I need to go through my kitchen cabinets ALL OF THEM!!! And that was two weeks ago. I have since painted and cleaned my Sons room helped the oldest clean and organize her room,the linen closet and now my crazy office God help me I'm scaring my self, and no I'm not pregnant!  Although this does feel like nesting!!!
This is what I face:

So I ask can you stamp when you are hit with the summer from hell cleaning virus?  No!!! So off I go and will have much to show you in the ways of  after!!
Hope you find time to stamp in this heat!!!
And yes I miss you all so much!!!
 Love and Blessings, Julie

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