Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine countdown #4

Here’s a little something for Eye Candy!

I love Presents!!!!

My sweet friend Lynne made me this amazing 3 tier treat holder! I wish I lived in a country cottage in the woods where I could leave it out all year!  She makes me want to move! (Okay never mind I just visualized all the work)

Okay here's the Card for today!
Actually it's a date book but it would also be an amazing card!  I was inspired by Kristina Werner!

I made this with using the word LOVE on the flags it's so perfect but I sent it in the mail before I took a picture!!!
I hacked up the I Love Love wheel and now I have a million of the
 most perfect words!!!
So since we are talking about eye candy today here's a picture of two Cakes I made on  Thursday for a couple of sweet twin girls!!

Who would have thought to pile mini cupcakes on the cake?  Me and Maybe Buddy Velastro, although I think I came up with it first!  I googled it and no pictures exist!  Maybe my greatest idea yet!!!
Seriously remember that frosting recipe here it is in the flesh!!
Love and Happy Almost Valentines Day!!!

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