Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm speechless!

So tonight for dinner I created a masterpiece!  Ya know one of those dishes that should be on the cover of some foodie magazine like Southern Home or Food and Wine it was soooo good! I tasted it even bragged to my family (just a bit) about the goodness I had prepared for them!
I used fresh spices and herbs, a bottle of Shiraz opened just for this meal, sauteed mushrooms, organic carrots, and all under a lovely Swiss cheese and butter laden Parmesan cauliflower crust.  I presented it to my family like good ole Vanna White used to do.

 Then I sat back and watched in amazement!

After my husbands first bite he says "this needs somethin, hey Nez get the Taco Bell Sauce out of the fridge"!

In horror I sat and watched as my husband took my magazine cover ready dish, and made it into this!

Again, I say "speechless"!
I think this whole episode is in the Bible somewhere, something about in the end of days husbands will loose mind and resort to red neck ways!!
Love ya and I hope your laughing!!! I will be too!  TOMORROW!!!
Love, me

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