Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Best 40th Birthday Ever!!

I thought I would make myself a birthday card!  
Ralph is always joking about  it, so I did it and I will say:
It was awesome!!!  So Make a card for only you and see how you like it!

I hope you have a cup of something to drink because I need to tell you all about what happened on Saturday and you might get thirsty while reading!  Heck maybe a snack too!
So Here goes:  Saturday I was lazing around the house in a Jammies after a shower and a morning at the gym, when my husband finds me doing laundry and says: I got us a night at a wonderful hotel for your birthday!  Pack a bag I'll be back after my massage!  In 1 HOUR and don't worry about the kids they are taking care of!  Well okay then. So he leaves and I pack in like 10 min then race all over the house cleaning it because well...It's what I do! And  I don't know who he has watching the kids and they maybe staying the night!  I immediately text my friend Julie (who lives in Washington State and tell her that I'm freaking out!)
1 HOUR and 10 min later he's back and saying lets go!  I'm ready but... under my clothes is a really sweaty house keeper!  I think he notices cuz he says we can get ready for our night out there!  Let's go!!! We get to the Xona resorts and have like an apartment it's amazing, but it's huge, just not the sort of thing you imagine for one night with your husband!  Any way he says " There are more surprises for you, and 4 doors so pick a door.  I'm thinking what did he get me for my 40th Birthday?  So I pick door three, and out pops Trudy VanLeuven AKA Julie, the one I was just texting!!
That was the end for me I bawled like a baby, crying like I was dying!  Then doors 1, 2, and 4!  Here comes my friends Tamara, Wendy, Renee, Shannon and Nicole!  It was like Christmas only way better!!!!!
I have never had them all in one place at a time, it was like friend happy overload!  Although they did not know each other you would have thought they were sisters!!  

My husband who will now be referred to as "Prince Charming" arranged for us to have dinner at the White Chocolate Grill.  He also was the "BABY SITTER" so yes in perfect "Julie" fashion I cleaned the house for him!  Prince Charming also never did get a massage he was at Trader Joe's buying all my favorites.  He stocked the kitchen like we were staying for a few days instead of one night!
My world was shaken and I stood there blessed, not knowing how to recover from the gift I was given and just cried some more!

This state of tears and Joy continued as I was life hijacked, (I would have company till Wednesday.)
Then Sunday came and 3 left, (boo hoo) then Monday 2 more left,(boo hoo) then yesterday my last friend left (more boo hooing).  I was sad to have it end!!!

Today as the dust settles, I am now very reflective and walking in a state of love and glee!

So I have great pictures of our time, and will be posting pictures
of all the beautiful cards others have sent me.

The whole gang! Look at my puffy cry baby face!


Us all dressed up at the White Chocolate Grill!

Monday my actual Birthday fun in Mesa!

Well there's a book in here somewhere!  God is good and I'm a blessed woman.
 Happy stampin share some love! 
love, Julie

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  1. Many thoughts...
    First Happy Birthday dear friend...
    Second, YOU went to MESA without me?!