Friday, September 17, 2010

Better Late Then Never!

Here's a card I made for my June class! My muses for this card were Hillary and Grant twins!  So the card needed to be either for a boy or girl!  I knew I could modify it for each of them after my class!

Well I was getting ready to mail them to the twins when,  I heard about the graduation party and the gifts rolling in and all the fan fair!  So I decided to wait and let my cards and gifts have their own special moment!  (yes selfish of me, I know!)  Then... I forgot all about it!  There's a lesson in there somewhere! 

Back to the Blog...

To make it special  for Hillary, I added  her favorite colors: Tempting Turquoise and Certainly Celery! 
I put a ton of flowers all over the card. How much is too much?  Well who cares she will love it!
I am mailing it out tomorrow!  To her College address, you snooze they move out! 
Maybe that's the lesson!

Enjoy your day,
and find some time to smell the Stampin Mist!! hehe
Love, Julie

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