Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!!! I'm Home!!!

The Husband: "Honey wake up"!!!! Me: "What... Why ... Are you CRAZY... What are you kidding? What do you mean our pool is empty!!"
My first thought: was it hit by lightning? Where is the water??? I mean our back yard was flooded but not like 30000 gal. flooded! It is so weird, we still have no idea why!! Our guess something in the equipment broke and it flushed it's self... after making my flagstone and rock float around like leaves. I sunk 6 inches in mud checking on things this morning! 
  So my glorious 4th of July sunburn is from me taking the positive stance "what a great time to clean the pool!!! I can get all the leaves and rocks out of that filter, ya know the one that's so deep it hurts your brain"!!!

 And then finding out from Dave the only guy in America to call me out of 15 on 4th of July in forming me that I had to save my plaster (a huge expense) by keeping it wet!  Props to Dave he's the super hero here!!! Oh the joy of being a pool owning American.... good grief Charlie Brown!!!

 Not bad after 9 hours of filling it with 3 hoses!!

So Change of plans I won't be floating around on my blue floaty mat drinking that red, white, and blue icy drink I was dreaming of!! I'm the crazy lady in her sons shorts( first thing I could find) racing around like a nut case over a mysterious pool empting!!
Happy 4th America!!!

I am a dry proud American!!!
Love you all Julie!!!

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  1. That's so uncool - I went for a late night dip here to watch the fireworks, and thought of you - bummer! Ours doesn't flush - we have to use a sump pump... Glad you're home! Hea XX