Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOUR Christmas card Classes!!

YUP....FOUR Christmas card Classes!!

 Here's a couple of the cards so far!!

FOUR Christmas card Classes!!
I will be showing you how to make simple and beautiful cards to give at Christmas!
Here’s how it will work: Each class will have 5 different card designs and you will be able to make 2 of each design!
If you come to one class you will have 10 cards!
If you come to all four you will end up with 40 cards, 20 different designs!! Awesome!!!
Here are the dates let me know which ones you can attend!
#1 September Monday the 9th or Thurs. the 12th both @10:00 am
#2 October Monday the 7th or Thurs. the 11th both @10:00am
#3November Monday the 4th or Thurs. the 7th both @10:00am
#4 November Monday the 18th or Thurs. the 21 both @10:00am
So come to my house, enjoy lunch, and get all your Christmas cards made. It will be fun and festive and everything will be cut and ready for you! All you need is your own adhesives and I can order those for you if you don’t have them already!
Cost for each classis $30. And includes Cards, envelopes, lunch and dessert! 
Love, Julie!!

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